Why MatchMyGas?

MatchMyGas offers the opportunity for tremendous savings by using the “calculated savings” method. This means one has the capability to calculate savings before each transaction.

Easier than ever, the MatchMyGas app does all the calculating for you. With support for all vehicles from 2010-2013, MatchMyGas allows you to select your car, how much gas you currently have, and your target fuel level. In a few easy steps, the app lets you know exactly how much gas you need to put into the car.

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Our Story

While working as an Assistant Manager with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Charles Trammell received constant grievances from a growing number of customers concerning refueling policies. The standard fuel policy across the car rental industry gives customers three refueling options: return the car with the exact amount of gas as when rented, pre-pay for a full tank of gas, or, at a significantly higher price, allow the rental agency to fill the tank.

Although many costumers could visualize exactly how much gas to add, most are paying more than what is required! Charles began to search for a solution in 2008. After two years of technical reports, summaries, protocols, research presentations, and quantitative analyses, Charles completed The Gas Chart, which was a small handheld booklet that people could use to refill their gas tanks.

Those who frequently rent cars as well as those driving personal vehicles can calculate gas purchases to the exact dollar and gallon for most makes and models. Charles developed the MatchMyGas App for iPhone and Android users in 2013.